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Fire Risk Assessments in central London



As we've said before, most of our business at Spark-Risk takes place around the towns and cities of the North West, especially Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool, but we do happily travel a lot furt... Read More

"What is an Enforcement Notice, and what happens if I get one?"



If you're a business owner, or the Responsible Person within a business when it comes to Fire Safety, you have a responsibility and legal requirement to observe and comply to the Regulatory ... Read More

Fire Risk Assessment, Care Home, Burtonwood, nr Warrington



Another Fire Risk Assessment for Steve at the end of last week, for an old client of Spark-Risk's that was very close to the office, a Care Home in Burtonwood. We go back annually to do an update on t... Read More

Fire Risk Assessor visits Sheltered Housing scheme in Warrington



Steve went along to visit this sheltered housing scheme in Warrington, it's part of a contract Spark-Risk has with a private housing association, and is a type of housing that allows people to live in... Read More

Increase in Fire Risk Assessments carried out across Warrington



As you'll know from reading our various news feeds and blogs, Spark-Risk carry out lots of Fire Risk Assessments. In fact, it's our main business. We travel across the North West and indeed to all cor... Read More

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