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While we were in Nottingham for a few days looking after our client at the Care Home in Radcliffe-On-Trent, we spent our second day with them carrying out some Fire Warden Training for delegated members of staff there, to keep their training and skills up to date so they're better equiped to deal with evacuations in emergencies safely and efficiently. As mentioned in our last reports on our visit here, the management put a lot of stock in fire safety training here, so the employees here are very good at what they learn.

Whilst there Steve also had an on-site meeting with the Home's trustees, regarding new Emergency Lightingfor the home which was noticed during the previous year's Fire Risk Assessment that we had carried out, so the new installation would have to meet the requirements of the RRO fire safety legislation, and be under the guidelines of British Standard BS5266 pt.1 which is suitable for this type and use of premises. Again, the trustees are very open to keeping their fire provision tip top, so this work will be undertaken soon.

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