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The Spark Risk team had several appointments last week with the same company last week, so both Steve and Diane travelled to Nottingham to visit a Care Home in Radcliffe-On-Trent that we've looked after for the last 5 years. The first day's task for us was to carry out some fire safety training for the staff there, which in this instance is a relatively simple course for us as the staff are attentive and very clued-up with their responsibilities and knowledge fire safety-wise, and the management is also very aware of it's obligations to achieving and maintaining compliance with the RRO legislation.

So an enjoyable day at work with some familiar faces, ending with a the first night of our stay relaxing in a nice hotel, as we decided to make a mini-break of it, when we're not busy working hard for our clients of course! Please contact us if you would like Spark-Risk to provide quality fire safety training for your employees, and we'll be happy to talk through your requirements.

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