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Fire Risk Assessment, Residential Care Home, Bolton





Sometimes doing a good job for somebody reaps it's benefits, as Spark-Risk found out in getting the nod to carry out this Fire Risk Assessment in Bolton. Following some Fire Warden training that we recently did for the staff here at this Residential Care Home, the management were pleased enough with us to invite us back to do their FRA for them. Which also did the management a favour as we highlighted a few fire safety issues that they weren't aware of. One of these was that their fire doors that were secured by key pads didn't have a "Green Box" Break Glass Override facility, such as one of these pictured, and this is a common feature in many care homes. Another issue we had to flag up was that many of the fire doors were poor fitting, which effectively rendered them almost useless, and needing some remedial work to get them to the RRO's compliance standard, which we can help with through our sister company North West Fire Doors.

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