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Fire Risk Assessment, Residential Care Home, Warrington



More of our bread and butter work here, with Fire Risk Assessments being Spark-Risk's speciality. This particular one took place last week, and was in our home town of Warrington, in the Callands area, at a residential Care Home, one of many we have done and seen it all. The management of this home contacted us as we're local, but also because they had heard good things about us from other homes in the network, as they had just had an extension built and required a FRA to look at the new build, and to ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. There wasn't a great deal to fault, with the biggest fire safety issue being that the fire doors had rising butt hinges rather than standard hinges, which left a large gap to the head of bedroom doors. Other than that, all tickety boo and another satisfied client.

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