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Fire Door enquiry, Call Centre, Bury, Greater Manchester



The Spark-Risk office received a call from a large Call Centre in Bury with regards to carrying out some remedial work on some of their fire doors on their premises. Obviously our first move was to assign our sister company North West Fire Doors to accompany us onto the job to use Chris's skill and expertise in determining the best possible solution.

This Greater Manchester business asked us to pay a visit to their site to inspect and carry out remedial work on two airlock fire doors, which was for compliance purposes to satisfy an internal audit. When we attend, the things we will be inspecting on our survey of these doors are:

  • Markings on the fore doors
  • Condition of intumescent / cold smoke seals
  • Markings on hinges
  • Gaps between door and frame
  • Glazing
  • General condition of doors

The cost for this sort of work, which we think are cost-effective and very good for the quality of work carried out, is £60.00 call out fee plus £15.00 for a comprehensive report on each door set; THEN if work is required we deduct the cost of the reports off our repair bill. Can't say fairer than that!

Steve and Chris will be visiting the site in Bury in the very near future, as per our appointment. If you have a problem with any of the fire doors or their fittings anywhere in your premises, in order to maintain compliance with the RRO fire safety legislation, no matter how simple or complex you think the job may be, or are looking for information about any needs regarding fire doors, please CONTACT US at Spark Risk or NWFD and we'll be happy to help!