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Spark-Risk received an enquiry from a company regarding a problem with one of the closers on a fire door in their premises. It was effectively a telephone consultation in the end, as Steve asked a few questions and managed to establish what the problem was, and managed to determine that the closer was leaking hydraulic fluid, which is a sure sign that it has failed.

So this was a simple job for our partner company North West Fire Doors, and an appointment was made for the next day for Chris, NWFD's main man, to pop along to their site and replace and fit a good quality closer at a total cost of £80.00 and a door that is now compliant with the RRO again.

If you have a problem with any of the fire doors or their fittings anywhere in your premises, or are looking for information about any needs regarding fire doors, please CONTACT US at Spark Risk or NWFD and we'll be happy to help!