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"What is an Enforcement Notice, and what happens if I get one?"



If you're a business owner, or the Responsible Person within a business when it comes to Fire Safety, you have a responsibility and legal requirement to observe and comply to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the current fire safety legislation. This basically means that your fire protection and installations have to be up to spec and appropriate for your premises. A good way to find out if your provisions are adequate, or what you do require, is to have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by a competent private company, such as Spark-Risk. Sometimes though, the Fire Service where you are located will come along to carry out a Fire Safety Audit, which is similar to one of our FRA's, through a general scheduled visit or following a complaint. The difference here though is that the Fire Service can make legal enforcements if your level of compliance isn't near the minimum standard.

Any Fire Service, such as our local one Cheshire F&RS, will give you all the help they possibly can following an audit by working with you, the business owner, to resolve deficiencies to a satisfactory conclusion. You're notified by letter of any deficiencies, then given a minimum 28 days to resolve the deficiencies. IF, after this period has passed, things haven't been sorted and compliance hasn't been achieved, or the risk of fire is already too great, you can be served with a formal Enforcement Notice, which is permitted under Article 30 of the RRO, and where you are also listed on the Public Register, and you MUST then achieve compliance to the statutory duties of the RRO Fire Safety order within a set time period, or face legal prosecution. The Fire Service will monitor your progress with re-visits to see how the remedial work is coming along, and if satisfactory progress is being made, an extension may be awarded. If, after the time you were awarded the deficiencies aren't resolved, there is a failure to comply, you are cautioned and the matter is forwarded for legal action.

There are very large fines possible, and even custodial sentences, depending on the size and severity of the non-compliance and the resulting possible danger to people, so an Enforcement Notice is the last resort to give assistance before it is too late to avaoid prosecution. There have been record fines handed out very recently in the Courts. To avoid it getting this far, CONTACT US at Spark-Risk to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment at your premises to see what fire safety provision you already have and what is needed for compliance. We are experts in this field and will help you with all you need to achieve compliance, and, prosecution-wise, shut the gate BEFORE the horse has bolted. Call us and we'll give you all the help you need.

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