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Fire Risk Assessor visits Sheltered Housing scheme in Warrington



Steve went along to visit this sheltered housing scheme in Warrington, it's part of a contract Spark-Risk has with a private housing association, and is a type of housing that allows people to live independently but with the added benefit and support of an on-site warden for piece of mind. Admirable as these places are, problems do begin to become apparant, from a fire safety aspect, when an individuals health or mobility starts to deteriorates as they get older; unfortunately this creates problems with Evacuation Strategies in these types of premises. These individuals should be able to independently leave their flat if a fire situation arises, but sadly in more and more cases they can't due to health problems setting in. So, this then becomes a dilemma for scheme managers as they need to find a solution to this as these premises still need to adhere to the RRO legislation, but the very last thing they want to do is to move someone from their home, especially someone who may be more vulnerable. So Steve went along to use his knowledge and experience to help the management team to see what could be done.

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