Fire Warden Training in Warrington, Cheshire

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Fire Warden Training in Warrington, Cheshire



In the event of fire or an alarm at your workplace or premises, how would it be handled? Would there be all-out panic, with no account of persons in or out of the building, and no one taking control? Or would you rather have responsible persons on site to assist evacuation, manage alarms and take control of the situation in a calm and collected manner, even tackle or put out a small fire with a hand-held extinguisher? Obviously it would be the latter example, with hopefully all employees having some fire safety awareness to help any situation end with a safe conclusion for everyone involved.

Spark Risk run courses in Fire Warden Training all across Warrington and the surrounding area, having regularly done so in Woolston, Winwick, Burtonwood, Gemini Retail Park, Penketh, Stockton Heath, Grappenhall, Appleton, Lymm, Birchwood, Risley and the Town centre itself to name but a few areas, so that you can be confident that your employees can take control in any situation at your premises, ranging from a two-hour Basic Fire Safety Awareness Course for ALL employees, or a half day General Fire Warden Training or full day Fire Warden/Marshal Training Course. Being based in the town and therefore located closer with less travel time, giving us a broader time window within which to hold courses, we are happy to deliver these sessions at your premises, and at any time that suits you to minimise disruption to working practices, and our courses come with recognised Certificates for all participants. Spark Risk can run bespoke courses to suit your particular operations, and all courses are aimed at meeting the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, to ensure that you are complying with regulations. And being a local, Warrington-based firm, we're even more happy that our local firms are safer and benefitting from more fire safety awareness and skills, helping local people.

General feedback from our courses, run by our expert, knowledgable and approachable team, is that they've been professionally run, thorough, informative, enjoyable (even entertaining at times!), confidence building and relevant to the needs of the participants, and value for money. Please look through our News Feed on our website to find such examples.

In summary, providing training to your staff is not a simple as just watching a dvd and then expecting the best results, you need a thorough, hands-on, practical and informative course where any questions can be expertly answered and all information is confidently delivered, with scenarios to practise any situation before it really happens. For more detailed information on our Fire Safety Courses, please see our website or CONTACT US to speak to our friendly team for more information and bookings.

Fire Warden Training
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