Fire Marshal Training in Manchester

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Fire Warden /Marshal Training in Manchester



Spark-Risk Limited can offer Fire Warden / Marshal Training Courses in Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool. The Fire Warden / Marshal training courses will ensure that your employees can assist in the safe evacuation of your premises and promote a good Fire Safety culture within your workplace as they will play a vital part in Fire prevention within your building.

Objectives of the Course:

  1. To ensure that your staff have a clear understanding of Fire & Fire Evacuation Procedures.
  2. That they understand the importance of Fire Safety Training.
  3. How to assist with Fire Safety and Fire Prevention within your organisation and to raise the awareness to others.
  4. Are able to choose and use the correct type of Fire Extinguishers safely.
  5. Be able to describe the Emergency Evacuation Procedures in the event of a fire or other Emergency.

Fire Marshal Training
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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
Fire Marshal Training by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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