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Every year people die or are seriously injured due to a result of fire within the work place.  Besides employees losing a life, fire costs businesses in the UK millions of pounds each year due to the damage to property, loss of business, fines and insurance claims pushing up insurance premiums.  Almost all fires can be avoided by taking simple steps with regards to fire precautions.  In the event of a fire breaking out the effect can be greatly minimized by having suitable control measures and procedures in place.  The new fire safety legislation which is the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 applies to the majority of all commercial premises and other buildings to which the public have access.  This  can include care homes, communal corridors and staircases within apartment blocks, shops, offices, schools, colleges etc.  The only thing that the Order does not apply to is private residential premises where persons reside with that as a permanent residence.   The new legislation has now put the onus on the responsible person of the business to manage their fire safety on the basis of identifying risks by carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment.  Whilst there are a number of guides produced by CLG these can be daunting and complicated for persons with little or no expertise within this field.  It is recommended that you seek assistance from a professional in fire safety such Steve from Spark-Risk Limited to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment which can be guaranteed to be suitable and sufficient for the local Fire Service.  Once the Fire Risk Assessment has been completed with the responsible person or a person nominated by the responsible person then an Action Plan is found within the back of the Fire Risk Assessment provided for the responsible person to work through to achieve compliance with all aspects of the Regulatory Reform Fife Safety Order 2005.  Failing to have a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment or failing to act on the findings within the report can lead not only to employees losing their lives at work through fire but also fines and imprisonment for the responible person if these acts or omissions are thought serious enough by the Enforcing Authority who is the local Fire & Rescue Service. 

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