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Fire Risk Assessments in Warrington



In the current climate courts and lawyers are issuing fines to persons responsible for premises which have breaches in fire safety.  Dont allow your business to become one of these satistics, ensure that you have an up to date suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment carried out by a professional.  If you own or manage a building or a Company Director, you could face huge fines or imprisonment if you do not fully comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.  Here at Spark-Risk Limited we will visit your place of work and identify hazards associated with fire within your business and business activities and assist you in implementing the right solutions to effectively manage all areas of fire safety that you are responsible for to comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.  Steve from Spark-Risk Limited has over 20 years experience with a local Fire & Rescue Service and has been carrying out a wide range of Fire Risk Assessments in Warrington over the past 4 years in premises such as schools, colleges, Dr surgeries, shops, offices, pubs and clubs, warehouses, industrial premises, shoppiing centres, garages, care homes and communal areas in residential flats/apartments.  In carrying out these Fire Risk Assessments in a large variety of premises Spark-Risk Limited have gained the knowledge to pass on to the responsible person to enable them to manage the risks associated with their business both effectively and efficiently.  To carry out our Fire Risk Assesment we would first talk through the requirements on the phone to get a feel for whats in place within your work place and then arrange to meet at your place of work.  We will sit down with the responsible person or a nominated person and work through a list of questions and then do a walk round to identify the hazards within your work place.  We will also look at the risk posed to persons within the work place by the activities carried out and then within the Fire Risk Assessment we will document the findings with the best for you to comply with the current legislation in all aspects of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.  The whole purpose of carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment to identify any hazards within your business that require addressing in order to prevent or reduce the risk from fires.  As previously stated Steve at Spark-Risk Limited has 20 years experience with a local Fire & Rescue Service and is a member of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers where he is on the recognised Fire Risk Assessors Register.  This gives you the piece of mind that Steve has got third party accreditation from a professional orgnisation.  Dont delay call Spark-Risk Limted today.

Fire Risk Assessment
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